July 22, 2020

5 Reasons that are holding back from success

Panākumi biznesā un privāti

By working as a coach with people who have decided to use the help of a professional to move forward faster and more efficiently, whether it is a private field or business development, I have noticed five main reasons that keep people from succeeding. Here I share the most common ones so that you can check and evaluate your situation and, if necessary, make improvement.

1.Understanding of “What I really want from the life?”
Answer on this question is a base for living fulfilled and happy life. If I don`t know hat I want so I do not  know where I am going. And if the person doesn`t know where she or he is going, it means that days are passing by by fulfilling needs for other people and working hard for their dreams not your own. this type of people are easy to influence as they do not know the direction of their own life.

Understanding of what you really want from this life starts with diving deep down on your own desires, dreams, wishes and discovering things which will bring the sparkle in your life. Here life coach might be a great help for you. But for those who have been decided to work on them selves – all kind of questions about values, reasons to live, how the person sees himself, in what kind of environment the person would like to live, with what kind of people be surrounded and what person would like to leave as his own legacy. If you work with life coach one of the most useful instruments is life balance wheel which perfectly shows all spheres of your life and valuation of each of them. As well the ideal situation, needed resources and actions to get where you want to be.

2. Shortage of effective goal setting.
This is the second reason why people often have feeling that they are staying at the same place for a long time. Comfortable following the flow is nice until one day the person wakes up and understands that he or she is not in the place where suppose to be (or dreamed to be in high school years). That dreams are postponed from year to year and that actually it is already 45 and half life is passed. Shortage of effective goal setting can turn to the feeling of “emotional death” – meaning when there is no personal development and growth you die within yourself. This might be cause for some depressive thoughts and feelings as in deeper level shows dissatisfaction with the current situation.

It is essential to set up short and long term goals also when you work with yourself and your personal development. I always suggest to use very well know SMART method where the person makes clear answers on such a questions as – What do you want? What will be the criteria which will help you to understand that your goal is achieved? Is your goal real? What will be additional value for the society when you will achieve your goal? How the achievement of your goal looks like on the time line?

Whether it is about personal life or business, when you work with the coach you will get clear idea about your goals, priorities, all needed resources, and your first steps.

3. Low self-esteem and shortage of confidence.
First of all, what is the difference between self-esteem and confidence? Often people are confused by thinking it is the same thing.  Self-esteem in other words is belief in yourself  – it comes within the person. While confidence is how the person valuate herself or himself on specific areas of the life, how the person values hers or his own skills and knowledge and even experience. We all have been born with high self-esteem but usually we tent to lose it during first few years of our lives as result of social environment. It is important to find the reasons why self-esteem has been lost and work out to gain it back. As a Rapid Transformation therapist I have seen so many samples of people who don`t follow their dream just because they do not believe in themselves. And how amazing are changes after just one Rapid Transformation therapy session where person sees causes and reasons for low self-esteem and gains it back easily.

If the problem causes confidence issues coaching sessions will help you to understand what makes your confidence in specific fields and what are your own criteria and action steps to boost confidence in those fields.

High self-esteem and confidence is essential on the way of success. They make the person value himself much more higher,  they ensure that person has higher  life standards and  he or she is ready to do more for her or his success.

4. Fear.
Fear is eternal topic for the every single person. As soon as we wish to work on something new, unknown, something where we need to step out of our comfort zone – we will meet up with our fear. The question is what we are going to do with our fear? Do we step back and stay in our comfort zone or we are ‘talking’ with our fear, analyzing them and maybe even feeling fear but doing anyway? It is essential to understand from where the fear is coming. For example, there are many types of fear. The most typical is fear that ‘I am not good enough’ and fear of ‘not being loved/ liked’. There are few more like – fear from the failure, fear from dreaming, fear from the success, etc. Work in coaching session will help you to recognize what type of fear do you have, from where they are coming and  you will get tools and tips how to reduce and even remove fear so you can go full speed after your dreams.

5. Limiting beliefs.
The average person have at least a couple of limiting beliefs which never are questioned and actually might create huge influence on persons life, business and success. We might not notice our limiting beliefs, but believe me, they are managing our thoughts, feelings and also decisions. The most common ones are – you can`t get it all, to get rich you need to do something illegal, all smart men are taken and many more. When person recognizes limiting beliefs in his own mind, it clearly shows how them have been limiting him or her in different areas of person`s life and didn`t let to reach more.

These 5 reasons are the topics which can be discussed much more deeper. But the most important thing is to recognize them and to understand that you can deal with them, overcome them and be free on the way towards your success whether it is in personal life or business.

Rapid Transformation therapy session and coaching provides a great solutions to overcome and solve previously mentioned issues. Contact here for 15 min free consultation session to find out what actions you need to make to move forwards to your success effectively and with confidence.