March 8, 2020

7 Steps to boost confidence


Have you asked how to boost confidence? From time to time every person suffers from a lack of confidence. The good news is that confidence, like any other skill such as leadership or public speaking, can be learned and trained.  And another truth of life – the more you do, the more confidence you will gain. Here are 7 steps to boost your confidence and influence also your self-esteem.

1.Doubts -> Action.
As soon as you start to doubt that is the sign you need action. The action builds confidence. The worst thing is to become a metaphorically speaking “stagnant water”. In contrast, the “source of water or movement” will always be clear and in movement. Action delivers results and brings clarity and confidence. Act outside the comfort zone.

2.Act outside of the comfort zone.
Every day, do something new, something unknown, which improves and provides new skills. And over time, you will be accustomed to doing new things that will provide you with the confidence you need for your strength, especially when new opportunities and challenges come into your life.

3.Gain experience.
Experience builds confidence. If you want to feel confident in presenting yourself, present yourself more often – attend networking events, apply to share your experience with others; you want to feel confident when speaking in public – speaking educational institutions as an expert in the field, participate in experience exchange trips and conferences or become a TED speaker.

4.Speak only positively about yourself.
It’s hard to be positive if someone is negative about you. Even crazier if that someone is you! Be positive, you can see good things in any situation, such as what you have learned from the current situation. The more positive you are towards yourself, the more you will respect yourself.

5.Find a support group.
Find your support group, mentor, or coach with whom you can share your achievements, goals, and current results and who will support you and mention in a positive atmosphere your untapped opportunities for even greater growth. Appreciate your progress and support of your new ideas.

6.Avoid negative people.
Negative people usually suffer from low self-esteem themselves, negative thoughts, even depression. Being in the presence of such people will reduce the positive energy in general, so avoid or reduce contact with such people to a minimum. Even if they are your relatives.

7.Feel grateful.
You cannot be grateful and depressed at the same time, nor can you be grateful and dissatisfied. Your strongest inner feeling will win. Every evening practice feeling grateful for what you have experienced during the day – for small and big things. Feel gratitude for a new business partner or even a beautiful sunset.

Work with a coach or therapist to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities more effectively and faster.