The biggest desire of millions of people around the world is to be happy but such things as our own emotions, ability to overcome obstacles within us and in outside world and shortage of clarity and goal setting is keeping away from life and lifestyle of our dreams.

RTT® therapy (Rapid Transformational Therapy) and life and business coaching are highly valuated tools to reach person`s full potential. Therefore, I am offering these powerful tools to ensure outstanding results and success for people to overcome profound personal issues and transform the lives of clients.

RTT®therapy is extraordinary method used by celebrities, high performers and regular people to overcome anxiety, depression, procrastination and different health issues while athletes and highly successful achievers use this method to increase results and achieve their desired professional goals – such as becoming medalists in sports or highly recognized public speakers and performers on stage.

Business and life coaching waken up achiever within the person; empower people to set private and entrepreneurial goals that will provide them extraordinary life. You have the power! Start changing the way you live now. Discover what you really want, take a journey on the road of life on your terms.  Take an action, because results come only by the action.

For things to change – you need to change (Jim Rohn) and as a Licensed Practitioner RTT® and coach I am here for you to guide and empower your greatness on the way for extraordinary and outstanding life.



About what is the book?

In my first book I am sharing wisdom, personal experience, life stories and coaching questions to provide you with answers for building a happy and meaningful life. Book will help you to master the life you desire by bringing more positivity into the world.

Use the a special code from the book and apply for a private complimentary coaching session.



I am a Licensed Practitioner RTT®, life and business coach, entrepreneur, author and unshakable believer that the greatest power is inside in each and every one of us.

I always have been curious about elements that make people successful, prosperous, fulfilled and happy. Since the early years I have been passionate about psychology of human mind and entrepreneurship. I loved to read about the greatest leaders. Discover their strength and the way to success.

Graduating Business School and receiving a Master`s Degree in Business Administration, I enjoyed living in Greece, Switzerland, and Italy where I experienced the uniqueness and beauty of different cultural values and various human qualities.

After starting my own entrepreneurial journey, I felt for a deep need to enlarge my vision and mission. I gained knowledge and certificates of Erickson International Coaching and Tony Robbins & Cloe Madanes Coaching Schools which gave outstanding ground for the profession and extended my perception and lead to wonderful milestones.

To heal clients’ psychological and even physical trauma I studied RTT® therapy (Rapid Transformation Therapy) invented by in London and Los Angeles-based world-famous hypnotherapist Marisa Peer. The more I work as a Licensed Practitioner RTT® and coach, the more I am convinced that helping people is my life’s calling.

I am the organizer and host for various events, projects and international retreats aimed to the growth of personal and business development. And I am the author of the book ‘How to be happy?’ which is for those who want to discover components for happiness on their own.

I continue to learn new things each day, master my skills and expand my own vision of what it means – to live a fully meaningful life. I believe that no matter what your dreams or obstacles are, you have the power to change your life.

Through RTT® therapy, business and life coaching I am able to assist you to tap into the deepest wisdom within you – to gain inner confidence, overcome personal issues, find more purpose and enjoyment in your life and business, and help you to become the person you most want to be.

I will be honored to assist you to empower your greatness!


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Participating in social projects as business and life coach is my way of being thankful for opportunities in my life and giving back, particularly to new entrepreneurs, who has just started their way in the business world and is looking for assistance, coaching and mentoring.

Business Coaching
LIAA Business Incubator

There are 15 incubators in Latvia, which provide support to young entrepreneurs to start and develop a business by providing an appropriate and supportive environment, consultations, training and events on general business issues, coaching, mentor support and grants.

Live Your Dreams Projekts
UP Movement

UP Movement is a social movement for active, purposeful and motivated people who want to develop and earn with their ideas, projects and dreams. UP Movement provides support, knowledge, exchange of experiences, coaching and mentoring. The movement is an ideal place for growth and leadership development. The movement’s social project LiveYourDreams inspires with video stories of successful people all around the world on their path to success.

Koučings Martas Centram
Resource Center for Women - Marta

A non-governmental women’s rights organization that provides support to women victims of human trafficking and partner`s violence. Implements projects to reduce poverty and exclusion of women, participates in policy-making processes and public education projects.

Coaching for life and business
Business HUB Program

Launched by the University Turiba program helps people with just idea, startups, and small business owners to find a clear vision and start their own company. Also, other entrepreneurs are welcomed to have the assistance of experienced mentors and coach to improve and develop their business.

Business Coaching for small entrepreneurs
Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is a public benefit organization and practical business education expert in schools. The mission of the organization is to promote the development of the Latvian economy by engaging in youth education, promotion of entrepreneurship and formation of a new generation of entrepreneurs.