Life coaching empowers people to set personal and professional goals that will give them the desired life and lifestyle. A life coach is a professional who, with a blend of expertise and skilled delivery, helps to encourage client`s self-discovery, identify client`s vision and illuminate the way for a client to achieve the next level of his personal excellence.

Life coaching is recommended to anyone who would like to:

  • To set goals and take action towards achieving them
  • Gain more life satisfaction
  • Become more self-confident and self-reliant
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Have more enjoyable and productive relationships
  • Learn more about themselves and their life purpose

Life coaching is different from consulting, mentoring, training and psychologist therapy with the fact that the life coach helps to analyze the ongoing situation, identify existing and possible obstacles and challenges, and assists to create the action steps to achieve the desired goal.

The International Coach Federation (source: ICF) research data shows many benefits for the people who have used a life coach:

  • 80% improved their self-confidence
  • 72% improved their communication skills and relationships
  • 70% benefit from improved work performance,
  • 57% improved their time management skills

Collaboration between life coach and client empowers client`s greatness, boost the inner power and helps to create a balanced and fulfilling life. Life coaching is an excellent way how to maximize your sources to achieve the goals and live the life of your dreams.


The most successful people understand the huge benefit of investing in the most important person – themselves. Choose the program that fits for you.

Life Coaching

The best for people who would like to see the results of coaching before deciding on a long-term collaboration. Popular for repeat clients with a new specific question.  The session is 60 min long.

Price per session = 50 EUR/60 USD

Life Coaching

The best for the person who has already decision or idea about the specific topic or niche of his life or business project.

Includes: 4 x 60 minutes long life coaching session
Price = 200 EUR/240 USD


The best for the person who is desired to browse the life, understand core values and what is the desired outcomes.

Includes: 9 x 60 min./every 10 days
360 EUR/430 USD (save 90 EUR/ 108 USD)

A coaching session
Why does life coaching work so well?

Life coaching accepts your current situation and searches the way to reach your desires by moving forward. Life coaching concentrates on your present and your future and is an action-oriented while, for example, therapy focuses on your past.

Life coaching uses methods of visualization, projection and NLP techniques with a target to reach the best potential in the client. Though the new experiences in life coaching sessions, the brain will strengthen and make new neural connections which are responsible for the new actions of the client.  

A life coach is asking right questions that challenges the client and will bring a new perspective as result life coaching sessions are boosting a client`s confidence, productivity, and overall life satisfaction.

Life Coaching for success
How coaching is relevant to me?

Supervised you’ll take time to look at your life to find and remove your hidden beliefs and self-limiting behavior. From the life coaching sessions you can expect:

  • Identify what you actually do want from your life;
  • Design goals and establish a clear vision for success;
  • Create professional and personal action plans;
  • Work towards carrier changes or a new business;
  • Obtain work and life balance;
  • Find core values in your life

Life coaching is for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life, feel progress and confidence. Even the most successful people can benefit from life coaching while a great coach keeps the person sharp and doing his/her best. 


Life Coaching

Life coaching typically consists of a series of one-on-one 1hour long sessions. In the first session, the life coach with effective questions will go over your goals, desires, and wishes in your life through life coaching. The aim of this session is to provide a clear view of what you would like to achieve. Acknowledging your current position helps you and your life coach measure your progress later on.

At the end of each session, your coach will ask you to commit taking various actions before the next session. The life coach will follow that you are productive in setting short and long-term achievable steps based on your core values. At beginning of each session, the coach will follow through the progress and will help if your plan needs modification.

Commitment, accountability, and follow-through are some of the most valuable components of life coaching.  


Business coaching is the method of hiring a coach to help entrepreneurs work towards their business goals. As result business coaching is recommended to any level of entrepreneurs starting from self-employed freelancers and startups up to small and medium business owners and CEO`s to grow faster in a sustainable manner with less pain and expenses.

The business coach will not only help the business owner gain clarity and focus on thinking but also assist to develop long and short-term goals and strategies in the business. During the coaching sessions, a business coach will share best practices and offer positive support. The coach in cooperation with entrepreneur will track and measure business performance and results.

There are the most common reasons why wise business owners hire a coach:

  • Boost clarity about business vision and future projects;
  • Create sustainable motivation and accountability;
  • Prioritize your tasks so you know what to do first;
  • Scale the business growth;
  • Creating new solutions for business problems;
  • Develop own leadership and team leadership;
  • Expand and increase revenue;
  • The business coach will help you grow as a leader and create an action plan to take your business to the next level.


Freedom, lifestyle and the ability to choose your own working hours… A business coach can help you get there. Choose the program that fits for you and your business.


The best for people who would like to see the results of coaching before deciding on a long-term collaboration. Popular for repeat clients with a new specific question.  The session is 60 minutes long.

  • Boost clarity on the vision
  • Task prioritization and/or other topics

1 Session =70EUR /85USD

Biznesa Koučings

The best for the entrepreneur who has already decision or idea about the specific topic or niche of his business project. One session is 60 minutes long.

  • Vision, goals
  • Business name
  • Business strategy and/or other topics

    1Bonuss + 2Sessions =140EUR /170USD
Biznesa Koučings

The best for the business person who understand core values and what is the desired outcomes from  the business.

  • Vision, goals
  • Business name
  • Business strategy
  • 5P Strategy and/or other topics

1Bonuss + 3Sessions =210EUR /255USD

Business Coaching Startup Pluss

The best for the entrepreneur who needs to create vision, goals and clear strategies and action plans.

  • Vision, goals
  • Business name
  • Business strategy
  • 5P Strategy
  • Competitors and/or other topics

1Bonuss + 5Sessions =350EUR /425USD


The best for the small companies which are already in the business. They need to revise and clarify on their goals, create clear vision and strategies and action plans.

  • Company analyzes
  • Vision, goals
  • Business strategy
  • 5P Strategy
  • Competitors and/or other topics

1Bonuss + 7Sessions =490EUR /595USD

Business Coaching Medium

The best for the medium companies to analyze current achievements, set up new goals and define new strategies and action plans.

  • Analyzes of products and sales
  • Analyzes of competitors
  • Analyzes of marketing
  • Vision, goals
  • Business strategy
  • 5P Strategy and/or other topics

1Bonuss + 10Sessions =700EUR /850USD


How Business Coach works

Business coaching packages consist of 1 Bonus or Introduction session and mentioned amount of paid sessions. During the first Bonus or Introduction session, we will discuss the current situation at the business. Depends on the fact is the person just beginner in the business or already experienced entrepreneur,  we will talk about the current situation, plans, wishes, and problems. Entrepreneur`s challenges will develop a working strategy for the next business coaching sessions.

During our second session, we will work on the vision for your company and the goals. As every company is unique, every business owner’s vision is unique as well. It is essential to get a clear vision and set measurable goals on the timeline in order to efficiently grow and achieve them.


Once a set of goals are in place, we will work on pulling points, strategies and concrete action plan to level up your business. Depends on the chosen package, during the process we will have a detailed study of your products, marketing, sales channels and competitors and your company`s week points with the goal to improve them.

Being self-employed or running small and medium a businesses often might feel exhaustive like searching a correct way in the darkness. A business coach is like a flashlight that illuminates your path to go. As a result, the person gets a clear vision and understanding of their highest purpose.

After coaching sessions client will have clarity, focus, and strategy. And clear step by step plan what to do to achieve the next level in their business and entrepreneurial journey.  



About what is the book?

In my first book I am sharing wisdom, personal experience, life stories and coaching questions to provide you with answers for building a happy and meaningful life. Book will help you to master the life you desire by bringing more positivity into the world.

Use the a special code from the book and apply for a private complimentary coaching session.



Santa is a talented listener. During our coaching sessions, I had a feeling that I am talking with the heartbeat of my intelligence. That helped me to get in the right way. I recommend Santa for everyone who would like to find clarity for professional or private life or just to keep in order own thoughts. Our sessions was a great moment to get out of everyday routine and rush. Coaching by Santa is a great choice not only for ambitious entrepreneurs but also for overwhelmed housewives.

Elina Timermane / Co-Owner of Catering Business

Koučings atsauksmes

Thank you for the amazing coaching sessions.  In just a few sessions, I now have a wider view of the present and clear vision about the future – my goals in the professional and private life.  And each session gave me a lot of energy and wish to act! I would highly recommend Santa as a business and life coach.

Ieva Jokste
Make-up Artist

Our coaching sessions with Santa helped me to define and achieve professional goals in the field of my true interest and appeal. I have found a greater balance of my life overall. The techniques Santa used were eye openers and brought awareness of my own strength and resources which is my reality now.

Inara Z.
Brand & Marketing Manager

Coaching sessions with Santa gave me the clarity about the priorities of my life.  Within a very few sessions, I was able to set goals and make a clear plan on how to make my personal and career dreams come true. I get a huge motivation and wish for an action. All our coaching sessions were in a very friendly mood and encouraged me which also was as the base for the rapid growth of my personal development.

Elza Timermane


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