Women Thrive Magazine - October 2022

Article “Why High Self-Esteem is the Key to Success?” talks about multiple reasons why self-belief and self-esteem are crucial to success in private and business. The article provides tasks to practice and tips to improve self-esteem and as result of that succeed in a more effective way in business.

How to change limiting beliefs
Magazine Kā Būt Laimīgai - Fall 2022

The story by the journalist Inita Sila about her experience and insights using Rapid Transformational Therapy described in the article “How to change limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind”. The journalist shares the basic principles of Rapid Transformational Therapy and the changes she has observed during the program.

News portal TV NET - July 2022

Article “Tips & tricks for self improvement” talks about different methods, tools and habits which can  be used by  students during summer holiday to strengthen their mental mind and improve success rate in the future.

Dare to love yourself and believe in yourself
Magazine Kā Būt Laimīgai - Summer 2022

Article “Dare to love yourself and believe in yourself” talks about how the most important relationship is with ourselves. The article shares tips and tricks on how to implement loving yourself more and how to multiply self-belief which opens up new opportunites and a person`s ability to be successful. 

koučings presē
Magazine Kā Būt Laimīgai - Spring 2022

Article “Follow your dreams and fulfill your goals” talks about 7 reasons which keep people back from following their dreams and reaching the success. Article provides multiple exercises to get rid of barriers on the way to fulfilled life.

Koučings presē
Magazine Kā Būt Laimīgai - Winter 2021

Article “Follow your intuition” talks about why it is tremendously important to listen in year intuition or in other words – the inner voice. Article describes four types of intuition and provides various exercises to train it so the person can use the information coming from the intuition much more effective way to succeed in private and business.

Koučings medijos
Magazine Kā Būt Laimīgai - Summer 2021

The article “Resolving the Puzzles of Relationships” talks about why the quality of our relationship describes the quality of our life. Provided exercise in article helps to find out major needs of both partners and explains why it is important to ask questions both individually and in pairs to appreciate the differences in each other and to look for something in common.

Koučings medijos
Magazine Kā Būt Laimīgai - Fall 2021

Article “In Search of the Fulfillment of Your Life” talks about how do we feel when we live lives without fulfillment and how the life suddenly has a different meaning when we do what thrills and sparks us. The article is published as the workbook with nine exercises to fill to find out the life`s calling.

Koučings medijos
Magazine Santa - August 2021

Consulting for the article “Postponed Dreams = Postponed Life”. Article talks about six typical reasons why people are postponing their dreams and it provides signs and criteria to make sure that the dream is yours to fulfill it. Also, there are mentioned the most typical reasons why need to wait for the better times. I am sharing my story and practical experience how I managed to fulfill one of my dreams.

Koučings medijos
Magazine Santa - April 2021

Article “Your guide trough the time of change” discover signs when it is the correct time to change and how to valuate, does wishes are supported by the values of the person. Article talks about three the most typical limiting beliefs which hinder to implement changes effectively.

Koučings medijos
Magazine Santa - January 2021

Consulting for the article “What is the costs of courage and success?”. Article talks about the reasons why sometimes it is so difficult to start new things and for what the person needs to be ready before implementing large changes in the life. The article provides suggestions on how to get rid of fear and build self-confidence to make the planned changes.

Podcast Eksperts tuvplāna - Burnouts syndrome

The topic of the podcast – Burnout syndrome. We talk about how new conditions have contributed to burnout syndrome globally and locally, what personal conditions increase the risk of burnout syndrome, and evaluate the practical actions that listeners can take to reduce the chances of burnout.

Interview for the portal

In interview we are discussing how to encourage women to follow their dreams, do more, and build their own businesses. We are talking about the stumbling blocks for women entrepreneurs when starting a business and I am sharing my experience of the miraculous power and great influence of meditation as a daily routine.

Show Māmiņu rīti ar Gundegu Rozi

The topic of the show “Mum’s big choice: return to work or start her own business?”  We are discussing whether all people can be entrepreneurs, what are the types of entrepreneurs, how to train leadership, and how to overcome the fear of starting a business and taking risks.

Interview for the podcast Ommmsome Sarunu Telpa

In this episode we are discussing why girlfriends can’t give the best advice. We talk about the importance of self-confidence and how to increase it as well about finding fulfillment.
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