Online courses and workbooks for personal growth provide an opportunity to gain insight into how coaching and different healing methods address a particular topic and achieve the desired result. Educational content and carefully selected coaching questions asked during courses provide valuable insights, and serves as the introduction if a person wants to continue working on their personal or business growth already individually. 


You know where you should be, what would you like to have and how your life should look – but you have a feeling like nothing from that is even close or like something nonstop is on your way? You know that you should earn more but you feel short of confidence to request. Your relationship doesn`t offer what you desire but you are afraid to speak up? And sometimes you even feel like you lost yourself? 

If it is about you – this course is for you. Discover the path to your ultimate success. Experience increased confidence, certainty and guidance.

Money online course

Do you feel anxiety and stress when thinking about money? Do you have the feeling that money is never enough? Have you ever felt that you are working at 100%, but there is no corresponding financial return? Do you quickly spend what you earn on unexpected expenses and things that are not really necessary? Do you feel guilty for wanting more than you have? Do you feel that financial freedom is not for you?
If your answer is – Yes – this online course is for you! 

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You definitely have dreams and desires that you want to achieve and fulfill in 2023. But do you have a lack self-confidence and clarity on how to maximize your potential? Do you feel fear and perplexity on how to achieve what you want? Then this online course “2023-Your Best Year Ever” is for you!
The best way to start the New Year is to turn long cherished dreams into goals and achieve them in the shortest possible time.

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Masterclasses and international female retreats is a great chance to escape from every days life and refresh your daily routine with the moment for you. Thematic masterclasses, various events, and women’s international retreats are organized with the aim to increase self awareness, personal and business growth. They provide practical insights how with coaching methods can address a particular topic and achieve the desired result. Group master classes provide insight and serve as an introduction for the specific topic for a person to continue the work on her growth individually. Deeper self-knowledge and learning new things and methods are an integral part of striving for and moving towards with a person and business growth and development.

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